Introduction to Narrative in Psychotherapy

An Integrative Look at Narrative-Based Therapies and Ways to Apply Narrative in Clinical Practice


Live Webinar

November 9, 2018- 9:30am-4:30pm (Eastern Time)

6 Hours of CEs (NBCC & NAADAC*) 

Presented by S. David Hall, PsyD, LMFT, LPC

Several psychotherapeutic traditions employ narrative as a central component. Most notably is Narrative Family Therapy, which was jointly developed by psychotherapists Michael White and David Epston in the 1980s. Narrative Family Therapy holds that our identities are shaped by the accounts found in the “narratives” of our lives, both the stories we tell and ones that other people tell about us. Other important narrative approaches include the metaphor and storytelling interventions employed in Ericksonian therapies and the interest in myth and larger narrative themes as seen in Jungian Analysis. Narrative can also be integrated with other therapies such as CBT, Person-Centered, Gestalt, and Psychodynamic. This workshop will explore how narrative can be used in multiple ways in psychotherapeutic practice.


Workshop Learning Objectives

  1. To explore the main philosophy and techniques in Narrative Family Therapy.

  2. To look at how Narrative Family Therapy can be combined with other narrative-based approaches such as Ericksonian and Jungian Therapies.

  3. To discuss the use of narrative in other psychotherapeutic approaches; including Cognitive-Behavioral, Person-Centered, Gestalt, and Psychodynamic therapies.

  4. To learn multiple techniques in applying narrative in psychotherapeutic practice

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Integrated Narrative Therapy Manual, 2nd Ed.
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A clinician’s guide to the theory and practice of Integrated Narrative Therapy. Integrated Narrative Therapy (or INT) is a model of narrative therapy which adds and incorporates elements of other psychotherapeutic models which utilize story and metaphor. Namely, INT integrates Narrative Family Therapy, founded by Michael White & David Epston, along with Jungian Analysis and Ericksonian Therapies.

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