Our Emotional Dashboard

Jarrod Justice, MAMFT, is a friend of The Narrative Institute, practicing individual, family and marital therapy in Knoxville, TN. Check out how he uses metaphor to help his clients understand the importance of emotional awareness. 


The "attention brake light" showed up on my dashboard. It was a foolish-teenager type mistake, but I ignored it and kept driving. In fact, I piloted my 6000 STE Pontiac around for weeks, until my brakes eventually went out. I was completely surprised, not to mention horrified, when I couldn't stop.

My car should have been totaled or worse! Luckily, I walked away safe, and learned to: always pay attention to the alerts on my dash. 

Our emotions are like alerts on the dashboard. We may need a quick oil change, but unless we pop the hood when the red light is flashing, we could put ourselves (or others) at risk. We may not experience the effects of ignoring our emotions immediately, but we can suffer real consequences in our bodies, minds, souls, and relationships--weeks, months, or even years later. 

Emotions don't just go away, they keep blinking

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