Narrative Medicine
The Narrative Institute
One of the most dynamic ways that Narrative Theory has been practically applied is in the field of medicine. This approach, known as Narrative Medicine, focuses on how physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, can more effectively diagnose and treat illness, as well as build rapport with patients by seeing new ways of relating to, not just the biological facts of disease and pathology, but to the full stories of the illness in a person's world, the health that they desire, and all the other nuances of life that patients bring. Training in Narrative Medicine can help clinicians more clearly think though complex medical issues while increasing a patient’s positive perception of their treatment.

Some of the best work that is going on today in the field of Narrative Medicine is happening at the medical center at Columbia University in New York City. Watch Dr. Rita Charon, Executive Director of the program in Narrative Medicine, talk about honoring the stories of illness